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How To Become An Officiant

Interested in becoming an Officiant?

People often ask me, how do I do what you do? I want to marry people.


First of all, you cannot go online and get Ordained by the Universal Life Ministries. The Ontario Government is not an episode of Friends and Marc would not be able to legally do a wedding in this province. All people who perform weddings are licensed by the Province under a registered group that determines them as 'clergy'. Each has its own restrictions or requirements, so you must find one that best suits you.


I have been Ordained with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry because it has allowed me the freedom acknowledge and affirm the commitment for people of many different backgrounds, including same-sex couples, and to perform spiritual services based on what best suits the couple's needs.


If you are interested in becoming an Officiant, please email  me at: or

text me  (705) 665-8898

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